Hi, I'm Gordi.
I help businesses with digital transformation & innovation.

Who I am

Independent management consultant in the areas of innovation and digital transformation

Repeat 5x founder: Raised Millions, quickly scaled tech products, managed ambitious teams and stakeholders

Hands-on & digital-first expert: Everything I recommend, I know how to implement. No Power-Point Bullshit

4 academic degrees: MBA - Project Management, MS - Innovation & Entrepreneurship, LLB - Business Law, Professional Banker

Member of the Y Combinator network (top 0.2% in digital & innovation), Forbes Technology Council (invite only), Beta Gamma Sigma (top 1% in Business)

Passionate about snowboarding & wakeboarding, and the world of innovation & latest technology

What I Offer

I helped dozens of companies such as Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn, Dell & Michelin with their digital transformation projects. As a founder, I founded onetool, the cloud management & provisioning platform for enterprises.

Over the years, I have ideated and implemented dozens of strategies to transform manual processes into automations and digital products / experiences. Clients included corporates, such as airbnb, Amazon, as well as startups.

Is your business working on an idea or project and wants to build it from start to finish? I have founded and scaled five startups before and know everything to be done; from MVP development, to product management to fast-paced execution.

If you want to build new ventures, you need people who have done it before. I founded 5 companies and have worked with the world's most innovative startups through my acceptance to the world's most prestigious accelerator: Y Combinator. 

My big passion is to automate things and make businesses grow (= Growth). I do this by developing tactics that are normally not known to the general market and applying them.

I have managed countless projects and teams in agile settings. I use all best-practices for agile project management. My go-to project management tool is ClickUp.

“Gordian is a tremendous asset. Not only his great ideas in solving issues, but also his creative out-of-the-box thinking is one of a kind.” 

Florentin Odenwald
VP Global Sales , Michelin


I am a uniquely positioned management consultant, as I come primarily from the start-up & innovation space, where you have to do most of the things yourself, without big resources or large teams.

Managed Teams

>50 FTEs

Years of Experience


Founded Companies



"Gifted people like Gordian are very rare. No matter what he has to work on, chances are high he's either already experience with it or he learns it quickly."

Bruno Ginnuth
CEO CleverShuttle, a Deutsche Bahn company

"Gordian's unique perspective on innovation and entrepreneurship provided the inspiration and vision necessary to grow economic development in North Bay, Canada. His engaging and effective presentation style further contributed significantly to the project’s success."

Kevin Hutchison
City Development North Bay, Canada

"My experience working with Gordian was transformative. His clear vision of where we should head to as a team, along with his leadership skills, proved to be key for us and the success of the team. His work ethic is one of the strongest that I've seen in my life."

Stelios Kapantais
COO Locana

"Gordian is exceptional in many ways. His ability to identify and seize opportunities are truly inspiring. Gordian has the rare talent of combining entrepreneurial vision with a sharp intellect, a strong focus on execution, and a high emotional intelligence."

Steffen Schink
Management Consultant

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“Innovation means breaking the status quo and daring to go where no one else is willing to go."


Why me?

You can find many good management consultants out there. However, it will be hard to find a Y Combinator Entrepreneur who has gathered so much hands-on-experience from all areas around business (management, strategy, operations, marketing, sales, project management, product management, IT & digitalization, finance) and who had to own the outcome of his multi-million dollar decisions. I am a repeat founder, which means I am curious and always seeking the next challenge. I embrace the new.  In every part of my life, I have been at the forefront of innovation and the most up-to-date technologies. - I hold 4 degrees: MBA with focus in Project Management and Marketing, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, LL.B. in Business Law with focus on Capital Markets and a Professional Banking degree with focus on securities.

What companies do you work for?

I normally accept offers from companies that have an aspiration to get to the forefront of their industry - no matter if large corporate or growing start-up.

Where are you based?

I am based in Berlin, Germany and mostly work remotely across the European and US time zones. I have lived in the States for 4 years (Florida, Texas, California) and am very open to temporarily moving to another country for a project.

"The value of an idea lies in the using of it" - Thomas Edison

Proskauer Strasse 8
10247 Berlin, Germany

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